Parkway Recovery Center is a full service provider, offering round-the-clock care and health services.

(Clinical Manager/Nursing Coordinator)
Sparkle McCuiston is a Las Vegas native who has been in the medical field for over eight years. She brings a variety of medical backgrounds to the table. When she first started her career as an Army combat medic, she fell in love with caring for others and the medical field eventually became her passion. While Sparkle was working as a combat medic, she led a civilian career as an Aerospace Medicine Technician at Nellis Air force Base. Working closely under flight doctors, she gained the necessary experience which eventually led her to pursue a nursing degree. While going to Kaplan College; Sparkle worked as an emergency medical technician for various casinos on the Las Vegas strip. After graduation, she started her nursing career on a Medical/Surgical Unit at a local hospital and continued to grow her knowledge working on many other floors throughout the hospital. She went on to gain her post-operative care experience working on a post-op floor at Southern Hills Hospital during which she also specialized in IV infusions, and administering IVIG in the home for specific patients. Sparkle is currently still serving in the military as the OIC of Laboratory Services for the Nevada Air National Guard 152nd Medical Group. She is also a member of the CERFP team, which focuses on combat and disaster medicine by assuming a direct role in joint service medical operations.

Sparkle now works as the Clinical Manager/Nursing Coordinator at the Recovery Care Center and has in-depth knowledge of the practice. She loves making sure the patients have positive outcomes and wants them to truly feel like they are in the comfort of their own home at the Recovery Care Center.

(Charge Nurse)
Born and raised in Las Vegas, Alyssa Christensen has committed her life to compassion and empathy for those in need. Throughout Alyssa’s academic career she developed her communication skills, critical thinking, and the quick responses she would need as a medical professional through her volunteer work at Summerlin Hospital. After graduating from the College of Southern Nevada, Alyssa gained experience in a local rehabilitation center, a post-anesthesia care unit, and working throughout the Valley Health System.

Alyssa enjoys getting outdoors and experiencing the beauty of Southern Nevada and hiking in the remote regions of the valley with her family. Alyssa has also experienced remote regions around the world through her volunteer work in a third-world country. In bother her professional and personal life, Alyssa is focused on caring for others and helping those in need.

(Total Joint Coordinator)

For over eleven years, Lisa Workman worked closely with a variety of orthopedic surgeons specializing in patient education, coordination, and screenings. After Lisa obtained her Registered Nurse license in Nevada, she was driven to continue her passion in patient care. Lisa serves as the day to day lead within the Total Joint Program and directs the development, implementation, and organization as a whole. From arrival to departure, she guides every patient throughout their journey to recovery. She makes sure to synchronize patient care within the Parkway Surgery Center and the Recovery Care Center.
Lisa is a Las Vegas native who enjoys fitness, eating healthy, and being a positive role model to her son. “What I love most about working in the orthopedic profession is seeing the positive transformation of our surgical patients as they regain their mobility and return to their desired activities.”

(Lead CNA)
Patricia Hicks was born in Southern California and as a child moved to Las Vegas where she developed a passion for taking care of others. As a student, she quickly identified her desire to pursue a career in the medical field. Through the magnet program, and Southeast career Technical Academy, Patricia was able to graduate with an emphasis in C.N.A. preparation.

After graduation, Patricia pursued her passion with positions at a local senior living center, a geropsychiatric center, a rehabilitation unit, and a Medical Surgical Unit at Desert Spring Hospital. Recently Patricia received the City of Henderson Fire Department’s Life-Saving Citizens Award, as a result of her work experience.

When not helping others, Patricia enjoys spending time with her son, travelling, and cooking homemade meals.


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